Terms and Conditions
This is a legal agreement between you and Selectwifi - governing your access to and use of this WI-FI Service (the "Service"). By clicking your acceptance or by accessing or using this service, you acknowledge that you have read all the terms and conditions of this agreement, understand them, and agree to be legally bound by them. Selectwifi reserves the right to monitor your communications and activities via this service (including their content) during transmission and in connection with use of this Service and may disclose any such information for purposes of ensuring your compliance with this agreement, applicable law, cooperating with legal authorities, and otherwise protecting the rights, property and interests of Selectwifi.
You agree that your use of this service is a privilege and not a right. You agree that you are fully responsible for your activities while using this Service (including any content, information, and other materials you access or transmit via this Service), and that you shall bear all risks regarding use of this Service. Selectwifi reserves the right to terminate your internet connection if you make any derogatory comments about our service on any and all social media platforms. The Holiday Park at which you are resident also reserve the right to instruct Selectwifi to terminate your internet connection if they perceive you have made inflammatory statements about their business. Upon any termination, your rights to use this Service will immediately cease. You agree that Selectwifi may, at any time and for any reason terminate your connection limit or suspend this Service (in whole or in part)
You agree not use this Service to engage in any prohibited, unlawful, infringing, tortuous or harmful conduct; violate another party's intellectual property, privacy or other rights; or otherwise interfere with the operation, use or enjoyment of any service, system or other property. You are responsible for your security and privacy.
There are privacy and security risks associated with wireless communications and the Internet generally, you acknowledge that Selectwifi makes no assurance that your communications or activities will be or will remain private or secure and agree that Selectwifi assumes no responsibility in that regard. You agree that you, and not Selectwifi, are solely responsible for your own privacy and security in using this Service, and for implementing any protections you deem to be appropriate to protect and secure your privacy, and your activities, hardware, software and systems. You accept that the service Selectwifi supplies is for leisure purposes and is not deemed as a commercial product.
Disclaimer of warranty. You acknowledge and agree that this service is provided "as is", "with all faults", and "as available". You further acknowledge and agree that Selectwifi disclaims all warranties and representations of any kind, whether express, implied or statutory.